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Homecoming 2004 Pictures

Below are some pictures of the 2004 Physics and Astronomy homecoming reception and poster session.  If you know the name of anyone in the pictures below or if I've made a mistake on one of the names, please tell me (you can contact me at dallin_durfee@byu.edu).

Faculty member Scott Bergeson speaking with two of our guests near the Foucault pendulum.


Undergraduates Brian Monson and Connor Duke present the work they've done with Dr. Scott Sommerfeldt on active cancellation of the noise generated by computer fans.


Alumni arriving and signing in.

More people signing in, with others talking in the background.  Diann Sorenson and Leesa Scott are seated in the foreground.


The food!  The food is always very good at department activities.

Students and alumni chat around some of the poster presentations.  Chris Erickson, Jay Eyring, and Brian Neyehuis are in the front left.


Dana Griffen and Earl Wooly of the Deans office.


Adam Hendrickson proudly showing off his research.  Adam works in the lab of Justin Peatross.