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Homecoming 2003 Pictures

Below are some pictures of our Physics and Astronomy Homecoming 2003 events.  I'm fairly new on the faculty, so there are a lot of alumni in these photos that I don't know yet.  If you know the name of anyone in the pictures below or if I've made a mistake on one of the names, please tell me (you can contact me at dallin_durfee@byu.edu).

Richard Sandberg discusses his research with Jim and Colleen Pinegar.  Brigham Frandsen is in the background (talking, I believe, with Aaron Paget).


Lance Loosey demonstrates his skill with plastic dinnerware while Stephen Stumph looks on.



Deans Woolley and Griffen visit our students' posters as Bill Strong, Scott Sommerfeldt, and a student agree politely.   Scott Hollingshaus just slips into the photo at the right.


Jonathan Cox shows his poster presentation to Clay Sorton.


Scott Bergeson, Brian Pyper and Jack Parker look intently at something.  Apparently it's something quite interesting --- maybe the camera should have been pointed the other direction!


Brian Bucklein talks with an alumnus.  I think that's Ben Rose in the background.


A semi-wide shot.  We were very happy with how many people came out to our reception  - I'm not sure exactly how many came, but we had over 60 alumni attend the dinner following the reception.


People milling about pendulum court.  I recognize Grant Mason, Jack Parker, Neil Rasband, and Scott Bergeson in the forground.  In the middle is Jean-Francois van Huele talking to Gene Barrows.  If you recognize anyone else, please let me know.


Scott Bergeson, Brian Pyper, and another alumnus talk under the shadow of the ESC dinosaur bones.


Marie Urry and Richard Sandberg stand in front of their poster on x-ray optics.  BYU has an exceptional soft x-ray group, whose accomplishments include the construction of x-ray optics for the Mars Express mission launched in 2003.


Connor Duke, Ben Faber, and Brian Monson performing demonstrations of active noise control.  This work was recently featured in the New York Times.


Rondo and Janet Jeffery.  Rondo is a BYU alumnus who recently retired from the faculty of Weber State University.  I had a good time getting to know Rondo and Janet during the alumni dinner.